Marvel\’s Holiday Offer is a Great Way to Get Into Digital Comics



I get questions from time to time about how I read my comics each week, and I’ve been 100% digital for a while now. Local comic shops are important, but the convenience of waking up on Wednesday mornings and finding that week’s releases ready to purchase digitally is just too hard to pass up. Also, physical books take up a lot of space, and after a while that can become an issue.

The main way to buy digital comics is obviously through comiXology, which Marvel and DC also have storefronts that route through, but Marvel also has an “all you can eat” digital subscription plan called Marvel Unlimited that allows you to read any comics from their digital catalog, with the newest issues being about six months old. It’s normally $10 a month for this, but they have a holiday deal going on that’s pretty good.

Marvel is currently offering two months of Marvel Unimited for $10 through January 4th. The deal is good for both new and existing subscribers, so even if you’re currently using the service you can take advantage of the deal.

Unlimited also has two annual subscription options, and the high end one ($100 a year) also gives you a 15% off digital comics bought through the Marvel storefront for comiXology. As 15% is a common discount stores give their saver programs, and most states don’t charge tax on digital comics, you actually save a bit of money if you go digital.

The way I do it is I have a select group of titles that I want to read new, so those I get every week. But for other Marvel titles I can wait on (certain books, all Annuals) I’ll just wait the six months for them to show up on Unlimited. Also, Unlimited does some great book curations focusing on specific storylines or characters, which is a fun way to explore things you normally wouldn’t.

The comiXology, Marvel, and Marvel Unimited reading apps are available on both iOS and Android devices. The only exception is the Kindle Fire, as it’s a specialized version of Android that Amazon put together, and while it has comiXology there’s no Marvel Unlimited there yet.