Rumor: A Marvel/Sony Deal Over Spider-Man Is Almost Complete


amazing-spidey2-teaserSometimes where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Last week the Sony Pictures hack revealed that a deal between Sony and Marvel over the future of Spider-Man was on the table at one point, but talks fell through. Not long after that, word leaked out that Sony Corp in Japan wanted them to reconsider a 60/40 split deal on the character where Marvel would take over creatively, while Sony would get a cut of the profits and a distribution deal.

Over the weekend more and more has been leaking out that not only is this deal close to happening, but Kevin Feige will be meeting with Sony next month to finalize everything. There are several people reporting it, but most recently there’s this story on Screen Gonzo, as well as post on Reddit that backs it up with the same information.

Basically, this is what appears to be happening:

  • Marvel will take over creative control of Spider-Man. Sony will still release the movies, but he’ll be able to cross-over with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • The first appearance may still be a small cameo in Captain America: Civil War, likely a post-credits sort of thing.
  • A new non-Garfield Marvel Spider-Man movie is tentatively planned for the 2018 timeframe and there’s a possibility that the Russo brothers will produce.
  • Kevin Feige wants Avi Arad gone as a producer and not involved in Marvel’s version of Spider-Man.

That last point is definitely something fans will celebrate, as many of the problems Spidey has had over the last few years (Venom in Spider-Man 3, for example) can be blamed on Arad.