Sony\’s Spider-Man Plans Will Make You Facepalm


spider-man-facepalmIt’s been a rough week for Sony following the hack that has unleashed their secrets like Marvel’s Original Sin Truth Bomb. For fans of Spider-Man, that means a whole bunch has leaked out about what Sony is planning to do with the character.

The most recent revelations came from some emails that Comic Book Movie managed to get their hands on that spell out how stupid “Sinister Six” will be:

In it, Pascal informs De Luca that Tolmach would like to introduce Venom into the Spider-Man franchise, but doesn’t think the character could support a film on his own. He would rather introduce Venom in the Sinister Six film. And that film will feature Spidey teaming up with the Sinister Six to take down an even bigger threat. Who could be more dangerous than the Sinister Six? Tolmach would like the main villain to be either Carnage or Venom. If it is the latter, Spider-Man will wear his black suit in the film. He’ll remove it when he can’t handle being teased about the look by members of the Sinister Six.

Spider-Man removes his black suit because the Sinister Six teases him over it? That’s Galactus-cloud levels of stupid right there.

And it looks like Sony wants a THIRD Spider-Man reboot:

Wisely, De Luca proposed another Spider-Man reboot, but this time, it won’t spend a lot of its time on Spidey’s origin or his parents like The Amazing Spider-Man films did. De Luca also thinks Venom, Carnage and Hobgoblin would be nice additions to a reboot. He especially likes Ultimate Venom because his suit isn’t formed from an alien symbiote. He’d like to explore the modern Spider-Man comic book stories written by Michael Bendis, Michael Strascynski and Brain K. Vaughn.

Spider-Man was last rebooted in 2012 with The Amazing Spider-Man. Rebooting the franchise a third time this soon after that movie is perhaps the dumbest thing Sony could do outside of not having good information security policies.