Rumor: Star Tours to Receive a Force Awakens Upgrade


star-tours-2It’s pretty well known that Disney is actively working on Star Wars attractions for all of their parks around the world. There’s a long-running rumor involving some kind of expansion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park in Florida, as well as a smaller one in Disneyland in Anaheim. But before any of that happens, we may see an upgrade to the existing Star Wars attraction in the parks.

Star Wars Underworld has heard from their sources that Disney plans a Force Awakens update to Star Tours:

As we revealed on tonight’s SWU podcast, we heard from a inside source that the first Star Wars addition coming to the Disney Parks is a Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens portion of the popular Star Tours: The Adventure Continues ride. Our source revealed that work is being done right now on a new mission that will be added to the ride in the future that directly ties in with The Force Awakens. Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed recently that they were looking to have a strong presence from the new films in the planned Star Wars additions to the Disney Parks.

This upgrade could happen very quickly without much downtime for the ride. The way the new Star Tours was designed is that due to the digital ridefilm, they can quickly add (or remove) segments of the ride at any time. It’s sort of a plug and play system where they just add the new destination file and it’ll randomly show up along with all of the other parts of the ridefilm. This is something we could see as early as next December when the movie opens in theaters.