A Sony/Marvel Deal Over Spider-Man Could Still Happen


Amazing-Spidey-TopLast night, news broke from the recent Sony hack regarding how talks between Sony and Marvel over new Spider-Man movies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe fell apart. One day later it sounds like there is a glimmer of hope that such a deal could still happen, and it resides with Sony’s headquarters in Japan.

Latino Review says that Sony Japan wants the Marvel deal as it would be good for the quality of the Spider-Man franchise:

What I’m hearing from my little birds is that Sony, the parent company, views Sony Pictures’s handling of the Spider-Man property as disappointing. Sony wants to be all about “quality” films (actual one-word quote, not air quotes), and the Amazing Spider-Man movies have not been that, nor have the rumors of future films in the franchise. Sony Japan thinks the Marvel deal for Spider-Man is still on the table and they want to renegotiate as a return to quality, the 60/40 split is can be negotiated and Sony Entertainment’s October hard-line stance of wanting creative control is now mostly moot in the eyes of the higher-ups.

Latino Review has been very wrong about Marvel in the past (World War Hulk as Avengers 3, for example), but Da7e was right about Extremis in Iron Man 3 and they did break the Guardians of the Galaxy news that had Marvel threaten to sue them. Hopefully the Spider-Man deal does still happen…