Those Mad About the Episode VII Lightsaber Don\’t Know What They\’re Mad About


the-force-awakens-teaserEver since The Force Awakens teaser was revealed people have been swearing off the movie due to a lightsaber. I’m not kidding you. I’ve actually seen people say they will not watch Episode VII because the “cross-guard” lightsaber ruined the movie for them. People who don’t even know the context behind something seen in one second of a teaser trailer are refusing to see a movie because of it.

Some people need help, so hopefully this will explain the context behind the lightsaber.

Based on current rumors about the person holding that saber, he’s a big time Sith fanboy who has been collecting various artifacts (a mask here, a helmet there, etc.) in an attempt to become the most intimidating Dark Side cosplayer in the galaxy. A big piece of his ensemble is an ancient (not new) lightsaber. Think Excalibur to the Sith.

This is a very, very, old lightsaber dating long before the Prequels. Back then they hadn’t quite figured out how to control the plasma beam of a saber, so there needed to be some exhaust, thus the two small “beams”. They aren’t there to protect his hands or anything like that, they’re there to prevent the saber from exploding in his hands as it’s ancient technology.

If these people are freaking out over an ancient saber like that, imagine if they went even more insane and made the design more like the 5,000 year old sabers in the Dark Horse Tales of the Jedi comics from the 90s:

Just as weapons from 5,000 years ago will look strange to people in 2014, so would an old lightsaber in Star Wars. The weapon of the Jedi/Sith didn’t always look like what you expect them to as there would be a technological advancement with them like with any weapon.

So swearing off seeing The Force Awakens just because the ancient Sith blade “ruined” it for is just an incredibly stupid excuse to not see a movie.