It\’ll Be Thanos vs. Everyone in Avengers: Infinity War


thanos-face-gotgWhen Marvel decided to focus on the Infinity Stones and truly introduce Thanos to audiences in Guardians of the Galaxy, comic fans knew what they were building up to. While those who don’t read comics were trying to convince you that they were big game scoop hunters who bagged a “World War Hulk” elephant for Avengers 3, everyone else was starting to get hyped for seeing the Infinity Gauntlet saga on the big screen. Back in October Marvel officially squashed the dumb World War Hulk rumors and confirmed that the third Avengers movie would be a two-parter dealing with the Infinity War.

But why are fans so excited? Josh Brolin gave an interview with Collider that explains one big reason why:

“Ultimately it’s Thanos against everyone. So why wouldn’t you do that? I was more nervous doing that than I think I’ve been in long time. I was in front of thirty-two little cameras and I had a face sprayed with iridescent paint. It’s really exciting, the possibilities of what it could become.”

The Infinity Gauntlet was an event that pitted every single Marvel character (well, except for the ones that Thanos wiped from existence of course) against the Mad Titan. With Infinity War being a two-parter, it seems like Marvel Studios definitely plans for the same thing to happen in the big screen.

This is just speculation, but the two-parter and elements from the Infinity Gauntlet storyline could be a way for Marvel to get around those pesky expiring contracts for the members of the current Avengers team. They could use the story of the Infinity Gauntlet where Thanos wipes half of the universe out of existence to not have those characters in Part 1, only to have them return in the second movie.