Who Does Andy Serkis Play in The Force Awakens?


darth-plagueisDespite some people refusing to believe that it isn’t Benedict Cumberbatch voicing The Force Awakens trailer, the truth is the voice you hear really is Andy Serkis. For those who accept that they’re hearing Serkis’ voice, a debate has been raging about who he’s playing in the movie. Many believe he’s playing a villain, and that now seems to be the case.

Star Wars Underworld addressed Serkis on their latest podcast, and this is what they had to say about his character:

  • Andy Serkis’ character basically looks like an old man, zombie like, almost risen from the dead.
  • He is being referred to as “Uber”, similarly to how Ridley is being called Kira and Nyong’o is being called Rose.
  • “Uber” has communication with Adam Driver’s Sith character, and a character played by Domhnall Gleeson. Serkis potentially is the Master pulling the strings from behind the scenes.
  • All three characters are part of the new “Empire” which Gwendoline Christie’s character is also a part of. She is confirmed to be playing a Chrome Trooper.

This is only going to fuel the rumor that he’s playing Darth Plagueis, and there’s another rumor floating around that he is actually doing that. Although that rumor says it’s not the same (alien) Plagueis from the EU, but a canon version created for the films.