The 2014 Holiday Geek Gift Guide


2014 geek gift guide

It’s that time of year again, when you have a bunch of Christmas money from relatives and no idea what to spend it on. Allow us to help. Every year there are some awesome new toys any geek would love to have, so we’ve collected some of the best stuff of 2014 in our handy gift guide.

We’ve covered the best Blu-Rays, Games, and Books here for you complete with direct links to grab the stuff off Amazon. So let’s begin with movies…

MoviesGuardians of the Galaxy

2014 geek gift guide

How could we not include Guardians of the Galaxy? The movie everyone else called “risky” and “Marvel’s first bomb” ended up being one of the biggest movies of 2014, and it’s hitting Blu-Ray before Christmas. The disc even has a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Guardians of The Galaxy Blu-Ray on Amazon

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

2014 geek gift guide

I loved the first Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and the sequel is even better. Andy Serkis, again, deserves an Oscar for playing Caesar and the effects are even better this time out. The entire opening, where the apes communicate via signs and we just understand them through subtitles, is brilliant and worth the price of admission by itself. Bring on the third movie!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Blu-Ray on Amazon

Edge of Tomorrow (Live, Die, Repeat)

2014 geek gift guide

Tom Cruise is proving himself to do very well when cast in a science fiction movie. From Spielberg’s duo of Minority Report and War of the Worlds, to Oblivion, Cruise is harnessing the power of Zenu to put out some great SciFi. This year’s Edge of Tomorrow combined Groundhog Day with an alien invasion action movie and the result was surprisingly great.

Edge of Tomorrow Blu-Ray on Amazon


2014 geek gift guide

In the 80s everyone wanted to copy Star Wars. One of these clones that is still fondly remembered is Krull. Perhaps one of the few that recognized that Star Wars was space fantasy, this one embraced the fantasy side of it pretty strongly. Krull is a classic and it’s finally been released in high definition this year. And since you can grab if for less than $10, this is an easy addition to your collection.

Krull Blu-Ray on Amazon

Batman: The Complete Televison Series

2014 geek gift guide

The Holy Grail for comic fans on Blu-Ray. We thought we’d never see this on disc, but the entire 1966 Batman television series has been released in an elaborate boxed set. You get all three seasons of the show, but the real highlight is the restoration done to the show. Much like with the Star Trek Blu-Rays, the entire series was restored to a level of clarity that is most impressive. It’s really like watching the series for the first time.

Batman: The Complete Televison Series on Amazon