\’Justice League Dark\’ Exists in the DC Cinematic Universe


Justice-League-DarkWhen DC announced their massive slate of shared-universe movies, beginning of course with Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, many wondered where this left Del Toro’s Justice League Dark movie. As the film was known about long before DC began their copy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some people feared it would be a standalone and not connected to the rest of the DC films.

In an interview with Collider, Del Toro says his Dark Universe is part of the shared universe:

I haven’t followed up with Frankenstein so I really have very little to add to that. Right now the only sort of shared universe project I’m working on is Dark Universe for Warners, you know, for DC, which is Swamp Thing, Demon, Deadman, Zatanna. It’s a very different universe. As to the plans to the other one, I wish I had an inside track right now.

Unless they cast Matt Ryan as Constantine, the movie is already a failure.