\’Living One-Sheet\’ Poster Released for Terminator: Genisys


terminator-genisysWhen Entertainment Weekly released the first stills from Terminator: Genisys recently, the upcoming reboot became quite the internet joke. People mocked the costumes as “bad cosplay” and immediately passed judgement on the movie, which is rumored to take some insane liberties with the Terminator canon in an attempt to reboot the franchise.

I’m not ready to jump on the hate-train for Genisys just yet, as I love the Terminator series and think it’s in a need of a reboot. They’ve already had to retcon the date for Judgement Day multiple times so a reboot to straighten out the timeline is definitely needed.

In advance of the first trailer release on Thursday, they’ve released a “Living One-Sheet” animated poster for the movie: