Racist Star Wars \’Fans\’ Go Full Retard Over The Force Awakens


star-wars-leia-facepalmAmong all of the nerdy complaints this weekend about how a cross-bar lightsaber can’t function, or nitpicking visual effects of a movie a year away from release, comes some fan activity that makes you facepalm.

The Force Awakens teaser was a internet-breaking hit over the holiday weekend, and a whole group of disturbed fans learned that one of the leads in the new Star Wars movie wasn’t a white person. And these idiots went full retard. Aside from some geniuses just taking to Twitter to spew their stupidity, some decided to do a fan edit of the 88-second trailer.

That’s right, a racist fan edit of The Force Awakens trailer. Described as an edit of the trailer to “fan expectations”, this fan edit includes nearly everything from the original trailer…except for John Boyega. Apparently the sight of a black man wearing Stormtrooper armor didn’t match these “fans” expectations of what Star Wars should be, so they went and edited the black guy out of the trailer.

While these dumbasses don’t really deserve the YouTube views, you can check out the trailer below. And if you really want to lose all faith for the future of humanity, click through to the YouTube page and read the comments (but don’t say we didn’t warn you).