Cumberbatch Isn\’t the Voice in The Force Awakens Teaser (It\’s Serkis!)


the-force-awakens-teaser-12When the teaser for The Force Awakens hit last Friday, everyone immediately thought they heard Benedict Cumberbatch in the teaser. I mean, it’s not like he’d ever been officially cast in the movie or even reported on by a reputable Hollywood trade as being in it. For some people, just having any sort of connection to JJ Abrams in any way is enough to mean you’re in the movie. Just ask Tom Cruise.

The Hollywood Reporter has a quote from Cumberbatch where he says it’s not him:

“I am not the voice of the Star Wars trailer, nor am I the hooded character with the rather cool new lightsaber,” he said

He also confirmed he’s not in the movie.

Hitfix was able to get confirmation that it is really Andy Serkis speaking in the teaser:

For the record, that is Andy Serkis you hear in the trailer. I was able to verify this, although I was not able to uncover any further information about the role he plays. Here’s what I do know, though. He’s playing a pivotal role in the film, although he will not have a lot of screen time.

People are now believing that Serkis is the “big bad”, when he likely isn’t. The guy with the new lightsaber in the trailer is likely Adam Driver, while Serkis is playing a much smaller role that isn’t as evil.