Viewing Tips for This Weekend\’s Bootleg \’The Force Awakens\’ Teaser



This Friday Lucasfilm will officially reveal the first new live-action Star Wars footage in a decade. Despite this being something the entire world wants to see, Disney has decided that only a select few fans will get to see this footage as it will only be showing in thirty theaters across the US.

As of this writing, Disney/Lucasfilm has not made any announcement about an online release for the teaser, leading many to believe it won’t be until next week. This means the first look you’ll get at post-Return of the Jedi Star Wars will come from crappy video filmed from someone’s smartphone. Hopefully whoever films it on Friday is smart enough to turn their phone sideways…

If you, like everyone else on the internet, wants to see this footage as soon as possible you’re going to need to track down a bootleg.

The easiest way to spot this as soon as it hits the ‘net is likely Reddit. I would keep a good eye on either the r/movies or r/starwars subreddits all day on Friday. As soon as the teaser hits the interwebs, it’ll show up there. You might also want to follow and keep an eye on the #TheForceAwakens Twitter hash tag as people will link it there.

Of course, as Disney doesn’t want anyone except those thirty special theaters to see the teaser this weekend they’ll be sending out their lawyer ninjas to yank the video off YouTube and suspend accounts as soon as they post it. As soon as you get a working YouTube link to the bootleg teaser, paste the link into KeepVid. This will allow you to save the YouTube video to your computer’s hard drive. That way you can watch the trailer as many times as you want until Disney decides to let the whole world see the new Star Wars footage.