What Academy Award-Winner May be Playing a Puppet in The Force Awakens?


star-wars-the-force-awakensWhen it was finally revealed that Lupita Nyong’o, a certain segment of Star Wars fans went nuts with the Ventress photoshops. Her playing a character that would be around ninety years old at the time of Episode VII never made much sense, especially seeing how Ventress was no longer a villain at the end of The Clone Wars…and that’s canon.

Now some investigation has paid off as MakingStarWars.net was able to connect the dots between some set blueprints they have seen and a leaked codename for her character. Who she really is playing may surprise many:

What’s interesting is the female puppet has a lot of of concepts art suggesting she’s important, and there are details regarding body articulation. However, the face is not articulated at all. It’s basically a puppet and you can put your hand up into the head to make its head move and its body has the standard work you imagine for a clothed creature. For some time we have heard the alien sidekick character would be a physical puppet with motion captured facial features. So it appears this little alien race is what Lupita is playing in the film.

Her playing a small physical puppet character with a motion-captured CG face is sure to throw Prequel/SE haters for a loop. Do they hate it for the CG face, or do they love it for the physical part of it? This will be a fun reaction to see…