The Scarly Methods Abrams Used to Protect His Star Wars Mystery Box…


Greenham-CommonsOver the last few months there have been some pretty major leaks coming out of The Force Awakens. One of the biggest came from a guy named Rick Lawrence who went out to Greenham Common and got some cool pictures of the filming taking place there.

As Greenham Common is technically public land, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with him taking pictures. Unfortunately Disney and Abrams disagreed. The Hollywood Reporter has an article up that describes what Disney did to him:

Lawrence climbed halfway up a tree, fell out when a branch cracked and then climbed back up, right to the top, his head poking through the uppermost branches. He took several pictures with a point-and-shoot camera. He wasn’t sure what he was seeing, but it turned out to be Adam Driver wearing an X-wing fighter suit. Lawrence posted the pictures on Facebook that night. The next day, Friday, Oscar was at school, and Lawrence returned to the tree for a third time. Within 30 minutes, five men were staring up at him from the ground: a Star Wars production manager, an assistant with a camera and three policemen. Lawrence stayed in the tree while the guards tried to talk him down. He didn’t climb down until three hours had passed.

Even worse he was harassed when he got home and was threatened with copyright violation lawsuits. All for taking some pictures on public land where JJ Abrams was filming his mystery box.