Nolan Wrote a Comic Prequel to the Worst Part of Interstellar


interstellar-trailer-3-e1415109837164If you haven’t yet seen Interstellar, this post will contain some minor spoilers for the second half of the movie.

One of the more annoying changes that Christopher Nolan made to Interstellar when he re-wrote his brother’s script, was the omission of the Chinese robots (and fractal life forms) on the ice planet. In their place was a marooned human in the form of Matt Damon who has gone insane in his years of isolation.

You can almost hear “he’s got space dementia” from Armageddon when Damon starts going nuts in the movie. And now if you wanted to know what drove him to that, Nolan has a short comic for you.

It’ll be in an upcoming issue of Wired, but they have the comic up on their website now. You can go here to read it if you’re just dying to know the backstory of one of the dumber additions to Interstellar.