\’Ghostbusters 3\’ Would\’ve Killed Venkman, Ray, and Egon


ghostbusters-cross-streamsLong before they decided to reboot the Ghostbusters franchise with a Bridesmaids-esque take on the concept, there was going to be an actual “Ghostbusters 3”. Writers from “The Office” were enlisted to write a script, and now that may have leaked.

Bloody Disgusting read what may be the second draft of their script, and has a detailed rundown what would’ve happened in the movie. The big shocker? Three of the original Ghostbusters would’ve died in the end by crossing the streams:

They have to cross the streams. Knowing that it could kill them, Venkman makes the first selfless act he’s made in years and takes Oscar’s place. Even that bastard Todd steps up to lay his life down for the city. They manage to lure the creature to a prime spot near a skyscraper. There, the guys take one final sentimental look at one another and light it up. A bright white super beam plows into the creature and his guts and bile rain down on the city. They’ve slain the beast and saved the city once again. Only this time it cost them their lives.

The script actually sounded pretty decent, compared to the blasphemous reboot we’ll be getting instead. The deaths of the original Ghostbusters was obviously done as they introduce some new recruits earlier in the movie, and there’s a cute send-off to them in the end. Check the link above to read the whole description.