Fox\’s Fantastic Four Reboot Could Be Worse Than You Think…


doctor-doomWe’ve been hearing how bad Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four is going to be, but now the entire plot may be out there. I say “may” because it originated as a 4chan post, but there’ nothing in it that isn’t shocking based on what we know about the movie so far. It could be made up, but this is dumb enough to be the plot of this upcoming disaster.

ComicBookMovie grabbed the 4chan post and reproduced it. You can read it here, but here are some of the biggest “WTF” bits:

Reed is a genius convenience store clerk with Ben. Reed’s parents don’t care about him, and Ben’s dad is abusive. They’re good friends and have each other’s backs. Reed writes a paper for community college on teleportation that attracts the attention of Dr. Franklin Storm, CEO of the Baxter Building research center.

Storm uses Reed’s paper to complete some equations on a machine to access another dimension, the N-Zone. Reed invites Ben to watch the machine being turned on. Sue and Johnny are also there. Doom manages to hack into the Baxter Building’s servers and use a computer virus to damage the machine, which explodes. Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben are exposed to otherwordly energy and become mutants with powers that they can’t control.

Storm takes them to the Baxter Building and creates containment suits for their powers. They begin to train. Reed and Storm also begin developing a way to revert the accident. Sue blames Reed for everything, but they eventually become friends and then a couple. Ben can switch off his powers when he’s not in danger. Johnny changes colors based on heat intensity, and Sue has some borderline telekinetic thing. Reed is pretty much Reed.

To be fair, the N-Zone stuff is from the Ultimate Fantastic Four origin…but that’s not the best thing to base your Fantastic Four movie on. Those comics sucked.