Darth Vader Meets Jabba the Hutt?


darth-vader-comic-topWe’re only a couple months away from Marvel’s much-hyped relaunch for Star Wars comics. While we’ll see the main “Star Wars” book in January, February brings us the Darth Vader comic, and Marvel’s official site has posted some preview images from the upcoming Darth Vader #0 preview comic.

This is the one being written by Kieron Gillen with art by Salvador Larroca. With apologies to Dark Horse fans, it looks like Marvel is pulling out all the stops in the art department as this looks much better than anything Dark Horse has been able to pull off. And that’s saying something as I generally prefer DC’s “house style” to the random hodgepodge of styles that Marvel usually goes for with their comics.

It sounds like the first two issues will both release in February, which is becoming something common for Marvel to do. Until then, he’s the issue #0 preview: