Why Batman V Superman\’s Batman Origin Will Be the Best One Yet…


BatmanandZorroThis week you’ll be seeing a lot of people gnashing their teeth on social media about how Batman V Superman will be retelling the origin of Batman yet again. Completely ignoring the fact that the DC Cinematic Universe has zero connection to the Nolan Batman movies, there’s a very good reason why the origin should be retold.

In a quarter-century of big-screen Batman films, we’ve yet to see one key part of the origin shown correctly.

Sure, we’ve come close. Goyer included Joe Chill in the Batman Begins origin, which was much better than the frictin’ Joker, but he still got one major thing wrong as Nolan apparently wanted to drive home that Bruce was afraid of bats. Instead of going to see a movie, the Waynes take him to a stage play with people dressed as bats. This isn’t accurate to the origin, and misses a huge part of why Bruce made his vigilante persona. It wasn’t entirely tied to bats.

Young Bruce’s hero was Zorro, and in most versions of the origin the movie his parents take him to see is the 1920’s version of The Mark of Zorro. Of course this can always be updated as there are many remakes of that movie to tie to the origin.

The point is that as Zorro was Bruce’s hero as a kid, he molded Batman much like Zorro. In reality, Zorro was also a big influence on Bob Kane and Bill Finger for the Batman character, so it’s a fictional reference that mirrors reality.

Until Batman V Superman, not a single Batman movie has correctly shown that Bruce was taken to see Zorro the night his parents died. That scene has now been filmed for Batman V Superman, and reports say it was also filmed with IMAX cameras.

In March of 2016, we’ll get a comic-accurate Batman origin for the first time ever.