Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Will Lead to More Cosmic Movies


thanos-guardians-of-the-galaxyWhen Marvel announced Avengers: Infinity War, most people immediately assumed that meant that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 would be the lead-in movie. After all, Thanos and the concept of multiple Infinity Stones was introduced in the first movie. Not so fast says James Gunn.

In an interview at MTV, the writer/director of the Guardians movies says that isn’t the case:

I don’t feel beholden to that stuff at all. I think it’s really about the Guardians and what they are doing. We’re not subservient to the Avengers. “Guardians 2″ is not a movie that’s made to move toward “Infinity War.” It’s something that’s made to move toward future cosmic movies, so I don’t feel that that is something that affects me that much.

Both of the other 2018 movies, Captain Marvel and Inhumans, could definitely be considered “cosmic” movies. Fans are also still holding out hope that we’ll see a Nova movie, and if Fox ever loses the Fantastic Four rights maybe we’ll get to see Silver Surfer someday…