Video: JJ Abrams and R2 Appear on The Force Awakens Set



HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has quickly become the source of endless viral videos on the internet. Much like how the vocal members of “Team Coco” didn’t actually watch Conan’s show when it aired, and instead just watched funny YouTube videos, many who don’t have HBO know about John Oliver due to videos of the show being shared by everyone. And here’s another one you’re going to be seeing a lot of today.

In a video with a Salmon Cannon gag, that featured a lot of cameos, we get to see JJ Abrams talking to R2 on the set of The Force Awakens. It’s a partial set, most likely to be extended by that evil technique called “CG”, but it definitely looks Imperial with those highly polished floors and dark color scheme.

You can see JJ’s appearance towards the end of the video: