Warcraft Movie Characters and Cast Confirmed at BlizzCon


warcraft-movie-logoBlizzard’s semi-annual convention is happening in Anaheim this weekend, and this afternoon they revealed new footage from Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie. A year ago, when the movie was revealed at the last BlizzCon, it was still set to be released up against Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 18, 2015. Universal grew a brain, delayed it until 2016, and now the focus can be on the movie as it’s no longer under the shadow of Star Wars.

For a long time, there have been rumors about who the cast would be playing. Today at BlizzCon, Duncan Jones confirmed who is playing who in the film:

  • Travis Fimmel is playing the Human hero Lothar.
  • Toby Kebbell is the Orc hero Durotan.
  • Ben Foster is Medivh.
  • Daniel Wu is Guldan.
  • Rob Kazinsky is Orgrim.
  • Clancy Brown is Blackhand.
  • Dominic Cooper is King Llane of Stormwind.
  • Ruth Negga is Lady Taria, Queen of Stormwind
  • Ben Schnitzer is Kadgar
  • Paula Patton is Garona.

We’ve had most of the cast list for a while, but now we have characters to go with the names. Clancy Brown as Blackhand? I need to see this movie right now!