SPOILER: Who Has Luke Skywalker Become in Episode VII?


episode-7-spoilersThere have been some pretty major, and scary depending on who you talk about, rumors flying around about Luke Skywalker in Episode VII. Not long ago one of these came out that nearly destroyed the internet with how shocking it sounded based on how people remember Luke. Now there’s a new one and it actually sounds very cool.

As this could be a spoiler, tread carefully from this point on…

MakingStarWars has a new piece explaining the state of Luke in Episode VII:

I’m told that in the back story for the film, Luke Skywalker does something amazing with the Force. He’s really powerful, more of “wizard than lightsaber wielding warrior.” Basically, Luke Skywalker has a “Force Unleashed” moment and realizes he might be bad for the universe.The aftermath of that event is difficult for Luke.

Luke Skywalker has become the most powerful Jedi ever, but he doesn’t believe he’s the wisest. He doesn’t want to make the mistake his father made by thinking he knows what’s right for the universe. Skywalker becomes somewhat deranged in his seclusion. He is consumed by his fear that if he should return to “society” his power could be misused, he could be manipulated, and he may accidentally hurt the one’s he loves.

For these reasons, to protect the galaxy and himself, Luke retreats into self-imposed exile for many years. I’m told he can’t always control the power. While he sits in a meditative state, he levitates things unconsciously and he’s not always in complete control and he’s never sure if he’s doing the will of the Force or acting on his own passions. Luke is seeing the past, the present, the future, “old friends long gone” and other things that prey upon his sanity.

He goes on to say that by the end of the movie we’ll know where Luke stands on being good or evil. Could that be why his contractually obligated beard is gone by the time filming was complete? Could Luke be beard-less in Episode VIII?