First Agent Carter Clip Reveals the Original Jarvis


agent-carter-logoAs every network avoided airing new episodes of their shows last night due to the election coverage, Marvel put a 75th Anniversary special in the place of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. For Marvel fans it was a pretty excellent special covering the history of the company with some awesome love shown to Kirby and Ditko, as well as a clever way of acknowledging the loss of the Spider-Man and X-Men rights without saying it outright. There was also a pretty awesome bit where they spiked the Guardians of the Galaxy football while shoving its success in the face of the haters.

Of course the special was also meant to tease Marvel’s future. So they showed quick behind the scenes clips from both Ant Man and Age of Ultron, and ended the special with a two-minute clip from Agent Carter.

Long-time comic readers would remember that prior to the Iron Man movies, Jarvis was a real butler in the comics and this clip shows Peggy seeing Howard Stark off while being introduced to the original flesh-and-blood Jarvis: