Threepio Hints That Episode VII Better Than The Empire Strikes Back?


The Empire Strikes Back - Han Solo

Every Star Wars fan knows that The Empire Strikes Back is not only the best movie in the saga, but also the best sequel to any movie. No one ever would expect that to change, but with the writer of TESB working on Episode VII fans did expect something awesome from him. But could it actually top Episode V?

Anthony Daniels certainly hinted at that last night on Twitter when he said the following:

"No movie sequel is better than The Empire Strikes Back." You might eat those words for Xmas dinner in 2015. Joy & Indigestion to the world!

— Anthony Daniels (@ADaniels3PO) November 3, 2014

Of course he’s proud of the movie, which just wrapped production last week. But comments like that only serve to increase the hype in advance of a rumored teaser trailer.