DC Queues Up a Second Year for \’Batman Eternal\’


batmaneternalIf you read DC comics, it’s hard to ignore that the publisher has not one, but two weekly series going on at the moment. Following the 52-issue structure DC likes, both Future’s End and Batman Eternal have been releasing every week for the majority of this year so far. Future’s End tells the story of the DC universe five years into the future, and to be honest I became bored with it a couple months in. Batman Eternal was timed for Batman’s 75th anniversary and has been pretty decent, and definitely more interesting than Future’s End.

Now we’ve found out that DC plans a “Year Two” for Eternal, keeping the Batman series going for at least another 52 issues. Scott Snyder confirmed these plans during his AmA on Reddit today:

Yep! The story ends in March and then we’ll do a year 2 after a break (we have to get WAY ahead on a weekly series before it starts coming out).

I’m OK with this. As long as they give us a long enough break (three or four months), I’d be happy to see another weekly Batman series.