One Episode VII Action Sequence Was Filmed in IMAX


Ep7 LogoWe’ve known for a while that IMAX cameras were used on Star Wars Episode VII, and now we know exactly how much they were used. While people were debating whether or not most of the action in Episode VII would take advantage of the full IMAX screen size, we now know it’ll be pretty limited.

In an article on Variety about IMAX, JJ Abrams revealed what he used IMAX for in Star Wars:

“The benefits outweigh the headache of shooting on Imax cameras,” says Abrams, who used them for a single sequence in “Star Wars.” “The opportunity to have an action sequence for this movie done in Imax’s natural format was too delicious an idea to pass up. As a filmgoer, it’s something I want to see.”

So if you go see Episode VII in IMAX, it looks like only one scene will take advantage of the $20-per-ticket screen size.