About That All-Female Spider-Man Spin-Off Rumor…


silk-amazing-spider-manThere’s a rumor picking up steam on the internet today that Sony plans an all-female Spider-Man spin-off as their answer to Marvel’s Captain Marvel and DC’s Wonder Woman movies. While this is very likely happening, the rumored line-up of characters that everyone is repeating likely won’t become a reality.

The big red flag is Spider-Woman, a.k.a. Jessica Drew. While those not well schooled in Marvel comics might assume that she belongs to the Spider-Man universe due to her name, she actually has very little to do with Spidey at all. In fact, she’s an Avenger and part of that universe. So much so that Marvel made her one of the main characters in the excellent Secret Avengers book that’s currently on shelves.

Another one is a suggestion that Firestar would be part of the movie. That’s another problem as despite her and Iceman being in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, she (like Iceman) is a mutant and thus would belong to Fox. She’s one of the main team-members in the current “Amazing X-Men” comic.

Badass Digest names Black Cat, Silver Sable, Silk, and Spider-Girl as possibilities and any of those are good choices. Silk, especially, would be pretty popular due to her initial costume she sported prior to the most recent issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

The bottom line with rumors like this is that prior to naming off Marvel characters who may appear in a theoretical movie, make sure you know who actually has the rights to those characters.