Rumor: Is Andy Serkis Our Link to Wakanda in Avengers: Age of Ultron?


Andy Serkis Avengers Age of UltronOne of the surprises in the awesome Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer was the revelation that Andy Serkis isn’t playing a CG character in the movie. Of course, that now means that everyone is wondering who he is playing, and his look is one very big clue.

It’s believed that Serkis may be playing Ulysses Klaw. In the Marvel Universe, Klaw is known for stealing Vibranium from Wakanda. He also killed T’Chaka, who is the father of T’Chala…otherwise known as Black Panther.

At least a portion of the movie was filmed in Africa, so it’s very possible part of the story either takes place in (or references) the fictional nation of Wakanda. That’s the only place where Vibranium is found, and Ultron is going to need a lot of that metal to build his army of drones out of that material.