Marvel Exec Wants a Female-Led Superhero Movie \’Today\’


Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Last week DC officially announced that a Wonder Woman movie will be hitting theaters in 2017 prior to the first Justice League movie. For the longest time the internet believed that Marvel would be the first to do a female-led superhero movie, based on the internet’s idea of what DC was doing with their heroes. But we we know, the internet and DC superheroes are often completely wrong.

Variety asked Marvel’s executive vice president of visual effects and post production Victoria Alonso when they we get around to doing a female superhero movie and she said:

Variety asked Alonso in an offstage conversation when Marvel will do so. “If it were up to me, it would be today,” she said. Alonso then took a long pause to consider what to say next, finally smiling and declining to say more.

Marvel has a lot of room to slot on a movie featuring one of their many major women characters, but unless they push Doctor Strange out of 2016 and release one in that July 8 date, it looks like DC will beat them to the big screen in this case.