Episode VII Will Complete Filming Within Three Weeks!


Episode VII LogoHere’s something that will blow your mind if you’re a Star Wars fan. Within the next three weeks there will be a new Star Wars movie entering post-production, meaning it has been filmed. Somewhere in London there is a nearly complete new Star Wars movie. Wow.

The news comes from a Digital Spy article about how ILM has opened a new London facility to support Star Wars film production there over the next decade. As part of the feature they spoke to Kathleen Kennedy who confirmed the movie should wrap very shortly:

Kennedy, who is overseeing the new Star Wars trilogy and the franchise spinoffs, revealed that Lucasfilm is “within three weeks of finishing Episode VII”.

We’ve been hearing reports of actors finishing their work on the film, the most recent of which was Harrison Ford. How cool would it be for StarWars.com to post some kind of on-set video from JJ Abrams around Thanksgiving confirming they’ve wrapped production?