SPOILER: How Marvel Kills Wolverine (…and How They\’ll Bring Him Back)


Death of WolverineNot long ago in the X-Books, Marvel once again removed Wolverine’s healing factor. This time they did it for the purpose of “killing” the popular character, and sending the entire X-Men universe into months of mourning the death of Marvel’s most popular mutant. His death is told via a four-part “Death of Wolverine” mini-series, which continues the final Wolverine story that was being told mostly through the core Wolverine book, Wolverine and the X-Men, and occasionally with mentions in Amazing X-Men.

Today Death of Wolverine #4 hits comic stores as well digital, and if you want to know how Marvel kills Wolverine (and how they’ll bring him back) here’s the big spoiler.

Marvel actually gives Wolverine a death that leaves things open for his return, as his body is readily available for rescue. He becomes covered in rapidly cooling adamantium, and ends up as a metal statue:
Death of Wolverine

However, Marvel wants to bring back their most popular X-Man sooner or later, so the issue gives them an out and an explanation as to how he’s not really dead. In the issue, Wolvie discovers that Dr. Cornelius has replicated his healing factor in a serum, so other subjects can survive the adamantium bonding process in the same way he did:
Death of Wolverine
Right before he turns into an adamantium statue, they make a point of showing Wolverine reaching for the only remaining vial of his healing factor serum. He injects this to himself, which means he can survive being frozen inside cooled metal. He’ll just need someone to either heat it up to melt it off him or manipulate the metal:
Death of Wolverine

So don’t be surprised if someone like Magneto frees Wolverine in a few months, after all the “Logan Legacy” crossovers end and they’ve gotten all the attention they need out of this latest non-death in the comics.