Gillian Andersen Suggests Crowdfunding Could Revive X-Files


X-FilesX-Files fans have been waiting for a third movie ever since Fox made the genius decision to release The X-Files: I Want to Believe right up against The Dark Knight Rises. As expected, Batman obliterated Mulder and Scully at the box office, and all hopes for another sequel seemed as murky as the truth the duo were always searching for.

Even though December 21, 2012 has come and gone there’s still the question on whether or not colonization is going to happy under Mulder and Scully’s watch. There has been some fleeting talk here and there over the years about a third movie (and even rumors of a series revival), and in a video interview with Bloomberg, Gillian Anderson suggests that crowdfunding may be the way to go to bring back X-Files.

The X-Files is my all-time favorite television series, and if they were to put up a Kickstarter for a new movie I’d donate immediately. I know friends who would do the same, and I’m not just talking a paltry $20 donation either. Make this happen and I’m sure fans will pour out the support to see the movie made!