Brad Bird Turned Down Episode VII to Make Tomorrowland



Back when there was a long list of rumored directors for Episode VII, Brad Bird was easily at the top of every fanboy’s wish list. The director of The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol would be an awesome fit for Star Wars, but we ended up with JJ Abrams instead.

While many of the rumored names on the potential director list were just that, rumors, it sounds like Bird really was up for the job. He explained to MTV why he turned down the new Star Wars:

“We were already deeply into [‘Tomorrowland’]. George had committed to it, and we were down the road a bit,” he said about the timing of his choice. “For a moment there, I thought that it would work out to do this and go right into [‘Episode VII’]. It was supposed to be summer of this coming year. There was no way to make that schedule and give this film the attention that it deserved, so I had to step away.”

Hopefully now that Tomorrowland is almost finished, Brad Bird can make a Star Wars movie.