Wonder Woman in \’Batman V Superman\’ is the New 52 Version


Wonder WomanEven prior to Wonder Woman officially being confirmed as part of the roster of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, there were rumors and speculation about her origin flying around. One of these came from Batman on Film that speculated that the movie Amazons would be descendants of the Kryptonians that crashed on Earth thousands of years ago. While such speculation would tie everything together, it did make a lot of comic fans mad that they would just make Wonder Woman another cousin of Superman.

Today there’s confirmation from Batman V Superman producer Charles Roven in a video interview at The Hollywood Reporter that it seems like they’re sticking true to the comics for her origin. In the interview, where he talks about how rough Batman is and how they wanted him to tower over Superman, he calls Wonder Woman a “demi god” and that her father was Zeus.

Her parentage is the New 52 version of the character, as the whole daughter of Zeus thing was something introduced with the reboot. Again this fits in with everything else done in the DC Cinematic Unvierse thus far as the costumes have been New 52 inspired, it only makes sense that the origins are as well.