NYCC is Now Bigger Than SDCC (For Now)


NYCCThink the suffocating crowds at the San Diego Comic Con make it the biggest comic convention in the US? As hellish as SDCC may be, it no longer can boast having the highest attendance.

Due to the size of the San Diego Convention Center, Comic Con International caps out SDCC tickets at 130,000. That’s why it takes murder just to get your hands on a pass every year. Last year New York Comic Con surpassed that number, and this year they blew it away by making Thursday a full day:

ReedPOP sold tickets for New York Comic Con to 151,000 unique individuals, according to Senior Vice President Lance Fensterman, passing San Diego Comic-Con’s 130,000 attendees. San Diego has been maxed out at that level for several years; New York passed 130,000 last year

This victory for NYCC may be short-lived, as there have been rumors since last summer that Comic Con International was considering adding Wednesday as a full day at SDCC (and moving Preview Night to Tuesday). Of course, that would also raise the price to nearly $300 for the five-day ticket, which you know people would pay…