Could Marvel Actually Be Doing a \’New 52\’ Style Reboot With May\’s New \’Secret Wars\’?


Alex Ross Secret WarsLast night at New York Comic Con Marvel made their “biggest announcement of 2014” at the Avengers Station in NYC. While some thought it could be an announcement of the new Avengers trailer, or even Spider-Man returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this major announcement was for a new Secret Wars event that will begin next May.

The Alex Ross artwork Marvel released for the event (above) has some major similarities to art DC used for Crisis on Infinite Earths, which rebooted the DC continuity for the first time in the 80s. But even more interesting is this description USA Today gave to the event:

will not only affect the entire publishing side when it debuts in the spring but boasts a story that crosses over to digital platforms, introduces new consumer products from various licensees and will work in a synergistic fashion across the Marvel brand.

The “work in synergistic fashion across the Marvel brand” comment is leading some to think this is going to be a line-wide continuity reboot that brings the comics and insanely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe into one unified canon much like what Lucasfilm is doing with Star Wars. In 75 years Marvel has never done a continuity reset (while DC has more than once), but with all the drama between Marvel and Fox over those characters it really wouldn’t be surprising to see this happen.

Not to mention how successful DC’s New 52 was for both the company and local comic shops. That 2011 reboot brought new people into comics who weren’t reading before and it was enough to propel DC above Marvel in monthly sales for a time. That success wasn’t ignored by Marvel, and I’m sure they’d want to replicate it if they could.

Then again, this could just be a major event that doesn’t have lasting repercussions on the line, but the way it’s being described this time leads most to believe it could finally be the long-rumored Marvel reboot.