The All-Female \’Ghostbusters\’ Reboot is Really Happening


GhostbustersWhenever Dan Akyroyd starts to talk about Ghostbusters 3, you nod your head and let him go on like that senile old uncle of yours who swore he was abducted by aliens. But when a Hollywood trade reports news of a writer joining a director to work on a new Ghostbusters, you can put a little more faith into it actually happening.

Today The Hollywood Reporter says that The Heat writer Katie Dippold will re-team with the director of that movie, Paul Feig, to write the all-female Ghostbusters reboot. Aside from that, there are absolutely no rumors about casting as of yet, but right now having The Heat team reunited is a pretty big step in the movie being made.

Paul Feig confirmed the news on Twitter as well.