Disney Ad Hints at Digital Release of All Six Star Wars Films


That's no moonThere have been strong rumors that Disney is prepping a digital (likely iTunes) release of all six existing Star Wars films, possibly as early as next month. The only obstacle that stands in their way is 20th Century Fox as they own the distribution rights for Empire through Revenge of the Sith until 2020, and A New Hope forever.

JediNews has found an advertisement that hints that Disney may have struck a deal with Fox to allow them to release the movie digitally:

This new ad from Disney, however, makes it very clear that Disney do have such plans. There is absolutely, definitely a clip from Episode IV in this new ad for Disney’s digital services. The studio is demonstrating that soon, you’ll be able to see the film through a Disney digital release.

You can see the video they’re talking about right here.

However before you get excited about these possibly being the unaltered original editions, you need to be aware that George Lucas maintains final cut on all six movies. That means that neither Disney nor Fox can go in and change anything without his approval.