Awesome Off-Screen Trailer for Namco\’s \’Star Wars: Battle Pods\’ Arcade Game


Star Wars Battle PodStar Wars is returning to arcades in a big way soon, as this morning Namco revealed a new sit-down Star Wars game titled “Star Wars: Battle Pods”. The game looks to be a next-generation version of Sega’s classic Star Wars Trilogy Arcade where you fly various Star Wars vehicles in an on-rail shooter.

Johnamarie Macias of The Wookiee Gunner and Now, This is Podcasting! was at the New York unveiling of the game, and filmed an awesome video of the first trailer that shows off gameplay. This is definitely the sort of Star Wars game that will get people in arcades, and it’ll arrive everywhere in January 2015 while the midtown New York Dave & Busters currently has it on test for at least the next month.