The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan Expansion Announced!


Shadow of RevanFollowing a teaser video last month, BioWare has officially confirmed that the next digital expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic will be titled “Shadow of Revan”. Of course, that means the fan favorite character will be returning to the game, making his first official appearance in The Old Republic outside of some visions in some early class quests.

The expansion adds several new features for the $19.99 price:

  • Two new planets: Rishi and Yavin 4
  • Level cap raised to 60
  • Two high-level Flashpoints and two Operations.
  • A new Discipline system similar to AA’s on other MMOs.

The Discipline system will be a game-wide update, meaning you won’t need the expansion to take advantage of it.

As with the Hutt Cartel expansion, there are bonuses for pre-ordering it early. Those who pre-order before November 2nd will get early access to the expansion, a 12x experience boost if they’re a subscriber, a Revan statue for their Strongholds, and the Hutt Cartel expansion. If you wait until after November 2nd, you only get the Revan statue and the Hutt expansion.

Shadow of Revan will go live for everyone on December 9th.