Episode VII Isn\’t the First Time Lucasfilm Said \’Loose Lips Sink Starships\’


Episode VII Loose Lips Bring Down StarshipsMuch of the internet is having a good time this week spreading around the above image that Frank Marshall Tweeted while visiting the Episode VII set at Pinewood studios. It’s a funny image, and it’s also something Kevin Smith mentioned seeing when he visited the set earlier this summer.

Except, this isn’t the first time Lucasfilm used that saying to protect leaks from a Star Wars movie.

In fact, the last time a Star Wars movie was filmed (Episode III back in 2003) Lucasfilm used a similar saying and ILM even printed up T-Shirts with it. Here’s an image of one of the shirts from the Star Wars Archive Database:
Episode III Loose Lips Sink Starships

So while film blogs who only cover Star Wars to keep the lights on believe they found an ingenious and funny way JJ Abrams discovered to protect the “Mystery Box”, it’s actually been something Lucasfilm has used long before Abrams was ever involved with Star Wars. The difference between Lucasfilm of 2003 and the Abrams Episode VII production is that back in 2003 Lucasfilm actually had a webcam on the set of Episode III allowing fans behind-the-scenes previews. That reduced the fervor for leaks, and is likely why Episode VII is such a leaky starship right now…