Rumor: Spider-Man Finally Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Spider-Man in AvengersA rumor that’s been floating around for a few months seems to be gaining some serious traction.

Back in May, following The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s disappointing US box office performance, a rumor began to be spread around that work was behind the scenes to allow Marvel to use Spidey in their movies.

Today Drew McWeeny at Hitfix posted a great article about the future of Marvel movies, and ran this regarding Spider-Man:

While I can’t get the confirmations I need to verify the story, I’m hearing that there are some very cool “Spider-Man” plans being discussed that would help Sony refocus their enormously important franchise while also opening up some connections in the onscreen Marvel movie universe that would blow fandom’s minds. Will it work out? I don’t know. I would love to be able to state for sure that it’s happening. What seems clear from what I’ve heard is that Marvel wants to be able to play with all of their characters, and if they can make that work creatively and on a corporate level, they will, and that means the world gets bigger again.

I’m sure every Marvel fan thinks this is too good to be true, but hopefully it happens. Now if Marvel would just replace Dan Slott on the monthly Amazing Spider-Man comic, all will be good in the Spider-verse.