John Williams Begins His Episode VII Work in Two Weeks!


John WilliamsWith all of the spoiler leaks surrounding Episode VII lately, it’s almost easy to forget that the movie is actually wrapping up filming around this time. We’ve been hearing about several actors finishing their work on the film and heading home, and now it sounds like the next major step of post-production is about to begin. found a Facebook post from someone who just saw John Williams in concert, and the legendary composer revealed when he’ll begin working on the new Star Wars:

Went to see John Williams conduct the Milwaukee symphony last night and he confirmed he is starting work on EP VII in 2 weeks!

The cool thing about this is that it means there is at least a rough cut of Episode VII put together, as Williams usually works off something like that while composing the movies. We’re getting closer. In just a couple of months it’ll be only one year until we get a new Star Wars movie.