The Internet\’s Hypocrisy Over Reporting on Star Wars Episode VII Spoilers


Episode VII Spoilers

Last week a VERY MAJOR Episode VII spoiler hit the internet, which caused a collective meltdown both on social media as well as Star Wars fan forums. We posted the rumor, because hey we love Star Wars and will post anything legitimate, and our buddy Jason at started it all with his detailed breakdown of the spoiler.

However when Jason posted the rumor, major “film blogs” such as Badass Digest and Slashfilm immediately assumed a “holier than thou” attitude when it came to Star Wars Episode VII spoilers. Devin at Badass Digest even called Jason a “dick” for posting the spoiler:
Devin Calls Making Star Wars a Dick

Remember, Devin Faraci only covers Star Wars news to “keep the lights on”.

However the super ironic thing about Devin calling Jason at a dick is that he did it on the exact same day that he stole Jason’s scoop last week about the concept art. Devin didn’t actually see the concept art he was talking about, he just had it described to him by a second party (which is why he got the Yavin 4 thing completely wrong). He had the art described to him, so he rushed to spoil the concept art on October 1st to give Badass Digest a nice first-of-the-month traffic boost. We know that Devin also had the MAJOR SPOILER as well, and he was just waiting for a low traffic day (or some pending Mondo poster sale) to post it for a massive traffic boost and kudos from his film blog clique.

But what happened? scooped Devin and the rest of the film blog cabal, and they immediately took a fake high-ground to say that they would never spoil such a thing. That is complete BS and they were just trying to look good when they got pie on their face from a Star Wars fan site that they look down upon from their ivory towers. Jason made a great point about this on Making Star Wars:

The rumor was going around all the film blogs, some were teasing it. It was okay for them to know it, but not you. It was going to come out and it was going to be filtered through a cynical lens. So I shared it because I honestly thought it was risky, exciting and I’m an enthusiastic fan.

Here are a few examples of big time “film blogs” taking that fake high-ground on Episode VII spoilers for the sole reason that their little inside clique of “journalists” were scooped by a Star Wars fan site (

Badass Digest Episode VII Spoilers
Slashfilm Episode VII Spoilers
Slashfilm Episode VII Spoilers

Those were posted on October 2nd. I guess there are some cool $400 Mondo posters coming out, as those same film blogs have climbed down from their high horse regarding spoilers as today Slashfilm’s Germain tweeted out the same video he swore on the 2nd that he would never show to anyone because if it’s connection to the MAJOR SPOILER:

Slashfilm Episode VII Spoilers

It’s really nice that he waited three whole days to tweet that out after saying he was avoiding it.

Honestly all of this stuff makes me sick. I’ve said it before that we cover Star Wars here because we love Star Wars. It’s not about traffic boosts to “keep the lights on” or Mondo poster art shows. We LOVE Star Wars, and all of it. The Prequels, the Special Editions, the animated shows, even the Ewok Adventures, Droids, and the Holiday Special. We love all aspects of Star Wars here, and seeing film blogs snub their noses at Star Wars news because they weren’t first with it and had their feelings hurt just makes me distrust everything they write even more than normal.

The actual Star Wars community is filled with fans who love the saga and run sites that cover it out of true passion for the galaxy far far away.,, ClubJade, Star Wars Always,, and the many podcasts such as Rebels Report, The Cantina Cast, Coffee With Kenobi, Rebel Force Radio, and Full of Sith are all there for fans. These people are fans and they don’t pretend to be fans just to get you to click on their “Star Wars Episode VII scoop” stories. They cover Star Wars because they love Star Wars, traffic bumps or no traffic bumps.

UPDATE: Following the publication of this article, one of the film blogs mentioned in it decided to react with insults after their hypocrisy over the Star Wars Episode VII spoiler was shown to everyone:
Slashfilm insult