Video: That Time Mark Hamill & JJ Abrams Ate Dinner With Kevin Smith


Hamill Dinner for FiveThe last twelve hours has been a very controversial time for Star Wars fans on the internet. Last night, a very MAJOR spoiler regarding Star Wars Episode VII leaked out and the reaction has run the board of fanboy emotions. This post isn’t to talk specifically about any rumor like that, instead I want to bring your attention an interesting video has popped up from 2005.

Back then Jon Faveau had a show on IFC called Dinner for Five where he’d sit down with some other celebrity friends and they’d just talk about stuff over dinner. On one episode he was out so Kevin Smith sat in with Stan Lee, JJ Abrams, and Mark Hamill.

Now this is from 2005, the year Revenge of the Sith came out and rumors began to circle about Star Wars: Underworld. This is long before Episode VII was even anything close to a rumor, and even longer before someone like JJ Abrams would be in the running to direct it.

Still, there’s some very interesting conversation going on here. Especially around the 4:00 mark where Kevin Smith starts to ask Mark Hamill about different directions he would’ve liked to have seen the Luke character go. As this is long before Episode VII, no one knows if any of these ideas would eventually make it into a movie, but it sure is interesting: