Spoiler: Max Von Sydow\’s Episode VII Role Revealed


Episode VII LogoThis week is looking to be a repeat of what we got a few weeks ago when the first leaks of the new Stormtroopers and the Episode VII villain concept art came out. Only this time it’s bigger.

After finding out about what Daisy Ridley has made her home in at the start of the movie, the latest bit of information from MakingStarWars.net details what Max Von Sydow’s character is like in Episode VII:

Max von Sydow character is Star Wars: Episode VII is not an ancient Sith Lord or a supernatural being with an awesome voice. He’s a beaten man. He’s old enough to have lived through the Clone Wars, seen the Intergalactic Civil War unfold and then the aftermath of the fall of Emperor Palptaine. He’s no longer a man, he’s a cyborg. His eye is obscured by a ocular viewing device, most likely from a past injury which mean the could no longer use the eye with any ease. One leg is entirely cybernetic now, almost like a Super Battledroid but with metallic claws where his toes would be. He sits at a bar drinking, wary, and old. If you have an oddity, a rare weapon, you might want to bring it to him for evaluation.

For more detailed discussion about the character and descriptions of what he looks like, be sure to listen to this week’s Now, This is Podcasting! when it comes out.

On the podcast I mention I think he looks a bit like John Silver in Disney’s Treasure Planet, but with more cybernetic parts than that character had in the final movie. This piece of Treasure Planet concept art is pretty similar in idea, although naturally without the pirate look:
John Silver Treasure Planet Concept Art