Heads Up – Fake Episode VII \’Dailies\’ Are Floating Around


Episode VII Logo

We’ve reached that point in Star Wars movie speculation where people are going to be making fake videos to try to fool gullible people on the internet. It’s officially begun with Episode VII this week as someone is trying to pass off a fake “dailies” video to any site that will take it.

Our buddies over at MakingStarWars were sent a video via someone on Twitter, and they obviously called it out as being fake. However, as there are some film blogs out there who are desperate for Star Wars clicks, the video may pop up again later this week (despite the original poster deleting their YouTube account).

A couple reasons it looks very fake are:

  1. The watermark. Dailies are rarely that heavily watermarked, and even if Episode VII dailies were they’d use the Lucasfilm or Bad Robot logos instead of the Walt Disney Studios one.
  2. There is no reel information on the footage. Dailies always have this, especially 35mm footage shot on film.
  3. The video looked more like HD video shot digitally as opposed to 35mm film footage. It looked like it was shot with a HD camcorder or mobile phone.

Again, the video is gone from YouTube now as the hoaxer deleted their account, but there’s a chance someone saved it and will re-upload it elsewhere for it to try to fool the internet later this week. Don’t be fooled. The security measures they have on the Episode VII set make it impossible for this sort of footage to leak.